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  • If you want extra peace of mind, our fixed-price tariffs give you control over your energy costs for up to three years.

  • Fix your prices and get rewarded

    SSE 2 Year Fix & Shop v2

    • Fix your prices for 24 months~.
    • Get a gift card of up to £100 to spend in thousands of UK stores, including some of the most popular high street shops^. 
    • Save up to £92 if you pay by Direct Debit and choose paperless bills††.




    This tariff isn’t available if you have a Pay As You Go meter.

    An early exit fee of £25 per fuel▲ applies.

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    Cheaper than our Standard tariff & fixed for 3 years

    SSE 3 Year Fixed Price#

    • Great value with prices that are cheaper than our Standard energy prices#.
    • Having your gas and electricity with us, paying by Direct Debit and choosing paperless billing would mean a discount of £92 per year††.
    • £25 per fuel exit fee applies#.




    Not available on Pay As You Go

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    Want a simple price with no commitment?


    • We're guaranteeing our prices until 1 July 2016.
    • No tie-ins or exit fees to worry about.

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  • Green Deal is now closed to new applications. However, if you already have a Green Deal agreement with us, any prices or discounts we quote don't include your Green Deal payments.


    #SSE 3 Year Fixed Price prices and comparison with Standard energy prices correct as at 14 March 2015. This product is available to Dual Fuel, electricity or gas only customers and Electric with Heat (Domestic Economy, THTC, Superdeal, Economy 7 and Economy 10) customers who pay by variable or fixed monthly Direct Debit or quarterly billing only. If you leave SSE 3 Year Fixed Price tariff at any time after your start date and more than 49 days before the end of the 3 year period, we reserve the right to apply an exit fee of £25 per fuel. This fee will not be applied if you move home.
    ††You’ll get a yearly discount of £40 when you pay by Direct Debit and £6 when you sign up to paperless bills. This applies for each fuel you have. These discounts are deducted proportionately from your standing charge on a pence per day basis and include VAT at 5%. Unfortunately, they aren’t available if you’re an energy Care, Woolwich Domestic Heat, EDN, EBICO or Pay As You Go customer.
    ▲The £25 exit fee applies if you leave SSE 2 Year Fix & Shop v2 within the first 12 months after your supply start date. The exit fee won’t apply if you decide to leave this tariff after the first 12 months, or if we let you know of any unfavourable changes to your terms, or if you move home and don’t take the tariff with you.
    ^We’ll send you a £50 Love2shop gift voucher for each fuel you sign up for on this tariff. The voucher will be sent to you within one month from the date your supply starts.
    ~Your prices will be fixed for 24 months from the date your supply starts. If you’re signing up to gas and electricity (as an existing customer or as a new customer from another supplier), your supply start date will be the later of the two transfer dates.