• Smart meters

  • The new generation of meters.
  • The Government has set out plans for every home in the UK to have their gas and electricity meters replaced with Smart meters by 2020.

    Smart metering is also an important step towards modernising the energy industry and improving customer service. Smart meters will provide you with information that allows you to save energy and gives you more control over your energy bills. 

    What is a Smart meter?

    Smart meters can measure your home energy use by taking meter readings up to every half hour, and this information can help to save energy and reduce bills. It can also help us to recommend the best tariff for your needs. This should bring an end to estimated bills* as you'll only pay for the exact amount of energy you've used in the billing period.

    What does it do?

    When compared to a traditional meter the main difference is that a Smart meter can exchange information automatically with us. It uses secure wireless network technology (much like a mobile phone) to send meter readings back to us on a regular basis. It can also receive updated information from us.

    Your new Smart meter offers lots of really useful benefits that can help you save energy and money!

    • See the energy you're using in near real-time on a Smart Energy Monitor.
    • Easy-to-read graphs and tables online that show how you're using energy in your home.
    • No more meter reader visits to your home, except for routine safety checks.
    • No need to take your own meter readings and send them to us.

    With your Smart Energy Monitor and online services you'll quickly see how much energy you're using throughout the day**. This will enable you to take energy saving measures and view your progress online with our energy usage graphs. If you don't have an online account yet, register now.

    In the future we'll even have new tariffs that will allow you to adjust your energy usage to make the most of cheaper electricity at different times of the day.

    If you have any questions about Smart meters, you want to tell us you are interested in having one or even if you want to tell us you wish to opt out of having a Smart meter fitted then please use our online form.

    *We rely on a mobile phone signal or similar wireless communications technologies to receive your readings. If for any reason this should fail then we will have to produce your bill based on an estimated reading.
    **To enable you to enjoy the greatest potential electricity and money saving benefits of a Smart meter, we would like to collect meter readings about your electricity usage from your Smart meter by recording them up to every half hour and downloading this information once per day. We need your permission to collect and use this information in advance of your Smart meter installation and we will ask for this permission when you call to make your installation appointment.
    ºWe may monitor your call to help improve our customer service.

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  • Regulatory information

    We are a signatory of the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) and we also adhere to a Data and Privacy Charter.
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