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  • Customer Service

    Southern Electric is a trading name of SSE Energy Supply Limited, voted Best for Customer Service every year since 2006 in the uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Reports.

  • Get a quick energy price
    Enter your postcode and we'll provide you with a quick energy price. We'll ask you some questions about your energy usage so you can personalise your price.
    If you have different types of meters (such as an electricity Pay As You Go meter and a gas credit meter), then you'll need to complete a separate sign up for each meter type.

  • ◊◊Prices correct as at 30 January 2014. This tariff is available to Dual Fuel, electricity or gas only customers and Electric with Heat (Domestic Economy, THTC, Superdeal, Economy 7 and Economy 10) customers who sign up online, pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit and sign up to paperless billing as their billing method. If you leave this tariff before the end of your contract we reserve the right to apply an early exit fee of £25 per fuel. Should you change your payment or billing method, you will revert to our Standard tariff and an exit fee will apply. Changes to Government policies announced in December 2013 have resulted in a reduction in the cost of supplying energy. These cost savings have already been factored into the unit prices for this tariff.

    ◊When compared to signing up for an alternative payment and billing method
    If you have a Green Deal in the property then Green Deal charges will apply. These estimates do not include Green Deal charges.